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Hollywood Film Investment

Hollywood Film Investment

Hollywood Film Investment

The Film Investor Package Includes:

Executive Summary

Production Budgets

Business Plan

Worldwide Projections

Our Investment Offer

Private Placement Offering Memorandum


120% Return on Investment

Hollywood Film Investment

Hollywood Film Investment

Seven Feature Films in Development:  Projected Value $40 Million each.  

As a Film Investor there are three ways you earn:  Minimum Return on Investment (ROI) out of first round of monies in from the Movie, annual dividends from the life cycle of each film, and the Equity Revenue share of Worldwide proceeds from 100 markets and mediums, based on your investment amount.  


Become a Film Investor

Hollywood Film Investment

Become a Film Investor

We're actively in the fund raising, development and pre - production stages now for a 2021 production date.  Request your Film Investor package today so that you don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a Hollywood Film project with an All star ensemble supporting cast and Award Winning screenplay.  

$2,500 minimum investment 

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